Albin Gilles

Hi, I’m Albin Gilles, I’m 28, I live in Belgium. Welcome to my blog, where I’ll explain what I learn, why and how.

To describe me in a few words, I’m a Software Engineer and DevOps aspirant. I earned a Master Of Computer Sciences degree at the University of Mons, Belgium in 2011.

I love mountain biking and my biggest passion is to build self-sufficient systems. I used to be an hardcore gamer but since a few years, I’m only following esport competition once in a while.

My major interests in computer sciences are server-side technology, massive scalability and DevOps tools. I also touch time to time on front web application.

Check out my manifesto if you want to know more about my motivations, my approach of Computer Sciences, and what exactly is the GoPex initiative.

This blog will serve for code samples and personal project presentation. In its global scope, it will present my journey a random developer to a DevOps capable Software Engineer. From boring to awesome.